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The most detailed fishing game on play store.3DCARP is a Carp fishing simulator, and predator fishing simulator.Go fishing in 8 beautiful and heavily stocked lakes and 4 rivers where you can catch 28 species of fish. Included is a massive selection of baits, 10 different customisable rigs and 30 lures.Go fishing during the day or at night.You can fish with 2 rods, go stalking with 1 rod, or fish with a lure of deadbait from a boat.See Carp and other fish through the transparent water using powerful binoculars equipped with night vision. Carp show themselves by jumping and sending up streams of bubbles.Pike, Bass and Muskies leap out of the water when hooked.Use a marker float, a spod rod, a catapult, a bait boat and a throwing stick.Climb trees to help spot Carp and other fish.Watch Carp taking baits off the surface.Take photos of your catches, keep catch records and win trophies.The simulator even allows you to use ‘Duck mode’ to swim with the fish (a feature no other fishing simulator has) and underwater sonar.Other features include dynamic weather including thunder and lightning, tonnes of plants, Birds, Butterflies, Dragonflies, weed beds, gravel bars etc to help to make this simulator incredibly realistic.3DCARP - the most realistic and detailed Carp and predator fishing simulator.